Q: What should my child wear?

A: Create uniform is not compulsory, however we recommend your child wears a “Create” tshirt with comfortable bottoms and flat shoes that they can dance in.

Q: What should my child bring in to class?

A: Themselves, a smile and a bottle of water.

Q: Can my child bring a friend?

A: Absolutely! We love to see new faces at Create. Call us in advance to let us know.

Q: Should I stay with my child?

A: At Create we have a 'no parent policy'. However, we recommend staying onsite if your child is new or being left for the first time.

Q: My child is very shy. Will they be ok?

A: If your child is very shy, you have brought them to the right place. They will be fine. Every child settles differently but even the shyest of children are usually laughing by the time they leave the class. If your child is extremely shy, your teacher will happily chat with you before and after class for feedback.

Q: My child is brimming with confidence. Is this still the right class for them?

A: 100%. Create is for everybody. Our staff work closely to ensure EACH child has their individual needs met.

Q: Do you do shows? Can I have a sneak peak?

A: Not exactly. As Create classes are only 1 hour long, we prefer not to spend all our time rehearsing, we would rather learn through play. We understand that parents like to see, and children like to show, so we offer open workshops where children can showcase what it is they get up to in class.